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Currently, 90% of domain names registered are not being used, so it's no wonder 25,000 expire daily — ready to be picked up by you. How do you get the domain name you've always wanted when it becomes available?

Until now, watching, waiting, and checking with registrars has been the only way to get "next in line" to buy an expired name. But beating the sophisticated speculators with their powerful computers is difficult or impossible. Now, our patent-pending SnapBack™ technology will stand in line for you. If the name expires and becomes available, we're the best chance you have to get it registered, in your name, before anyone else can get it.

And if we don't get the first name you wanted, the $49 SnapBack (registration included) can be transferred to another name, so you risk nothing. So reserve the domain name you want now before someone else does. There's even a FREE version called SnapShot.™ 
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Protect your Domain Name registrations
Unsuspecting companies are losing their domain names every day due to missed renewal payments, hijacking, employee sabotage, redirection, and even computer or clerical errors. Many experts warn that recent terrorism will soon find its way onto the Internet, as often happens when political feuds get out of control. E-commerce sites and e-mail can be disrupted for days, and the legal costs and damage to your reputation can be significant. Minimize the damage or completely avert it with our exclusive SnapBack™ technology.

For just over $4 per month, we'll monitor your domain name record, 24x7, and notify you immediately of any accidental or fraudulent alterations — before the mistake propagates across the entire Web.

Developed in partnership with major ICANN-accredited registrars, SnapBack™ is the only comprehensive defense available against all known domain name perils. 
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